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7200 copies distributed every month to households and businesses.

Oxted Local is printed on quality gloss paper.

Advert Sizes



Advert Type 1 Issue 3 Issues 6 Issues 12 Issues
Regular Pages
1/8 Page £30.00 £84.00 (£28.00p/m) £156.00 (£26.00p/m) £288.00 (£24.00p/m)
1/4 Page £45.00 £120.00 (£40.00p/m) £210.00 (£35.00p/m) £360.00 (£30.00p/m)
1/2 Page £70.00 £195.00 (£65.00p/m) £360.00 (£60.00p/m) £660.00 (£55.00p/m)
Full Page A5 £130.00 £360.00 (£120.00p/m) £660.00 (£110.00p/m) £1200.00 (£100.00p/m)
Prime Pages
Inside Front Cover £140.00 £390.00 (£130.00p/m) £720.00 (£120.00p/m) £1320.00 (£110.00p/m)
Page Three £150.00 £420.00 (£140.00p/m) £780.00 (£130.00p/m) £1440.00 (£120.00p/m)
Page Five £150.00 £420.00 (£140.00p/m) £780.00 (£130.00p/m) £1440.00 (£120.00p/m)
Inside Back Cover £140.00 £390.00 (£130.00p/m) £720.00 (£120.00p/m) £1320.00 (£110.00p/m)
Back Cover £180.00 £510.00 (£170.00p/m) £960.00 (£160.00p/m) £1800.00 (£150.00p/m)
Double Page Spread £220.00
Distribution Map for Oxted Local Community Magazine

Distribution Map for Oxted Local Community Magazine

Advert Discounts:

3, 6 and 12 month packages need to be paid in advance for the discount to apply.

Free half page advertorial is available on a 12 month half page booking, or a free full page advertorial is available on a 12 month full page booking (to be used within your booking period).

Artwork deadline:

All artwork needs to be provided by the deadline each month, prior to the edition you wish to be featured in. Contact us for deadline dates.

Book in as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Note: Preparation for the January Issue occurs earlier than usual due to the Christmas break, therefore the deadline for this is 18th November, please contact us for more details.

Artwork Format:

If supplying artwork ready please ensure it is either in Jpeg or PDF format at no less than 300 dpi and in CMYK. We can also accept adverts in a word or publisher documents and convert these for you.

Dimension Specifications:

Eighth Page Advert: 68mm x 46mm

Quarter Page Advert: 68mm x 95mm

Half Page Horizontal Advert: 138mm x 95mm

Half Page Vertical Advert: 68mm x 190mm

Full Page Advert: 140mm x 200mm

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