Jems Companions


Jems companions is a new local service aimed specifically at the elderly.

Jems aim to place the most suitable companion to either stay or visit the elderly person in their home. 

It was set up by Judi and Emma who both work for the NHS as qualified nurses and have over 60 yrs experience between them. Emma currently works with the elderly in a community mental health team.

Their vision is to try to help combat loneliness in the elderly within their community. 

They are specifically reaching out to the older person who lives alone and is possibly isolated from family and friends or may not be able to get out due to reduced mobility. They also want to help families who have elderly relatives living with them who may need some respite. Loneliness is seen as one of the largest health concerns our society faces today. It can result in an increase in both physical and mental health issues including depression.This can then lead to increased visits to A&E departments, admissions to hospitals and a premature move into a care home. 

Having a companion can help improve a person’s quality of life by combating that loneliness and isolation.

Companions can help with general housework, meal preparation, shopping, participating in hobbies interests accompanying on outings and appointments and most importantly providing friendship and emotional support. 

Jems finds and thoroughly checks out companions, visits the elderly person at home to fully understand and meet their requirements, before introducing them to each other. Being able to meet face to face is an important part of Jems service as it makes the process more personal and friendly. 

Judi and Emma live in the Tandridge area with their families and have had personal experience with elderly relatives and live in au pairs.

They are passionate about bringing young and old people together as intergenerational relationships are key to well-being in later years. 

“Relationships are the critical ingredient in well-being particularly as we age”

If you would like a companion, know of someone who could benefit from this service or would like to become a companion please visit


or phone on 07707 734001 / 07594209 

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