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News from Caterham, Oxted & Godstone Lions Club

Last month the Club gathered at the White Hart Barn to mark the start of a new Lions year which meant handing over the role of Club President from Rita Reissland to Chris Frith. 

As well as being somewhat formal it is also a social event which this year included a buffet lunch. Club members donated dishes of cold meats, quiches, salads and lots of other tasty main course choices. These were followed by a delicious choice of desserts and if anyone had room left there was also a selection of cheeses. After lunch Rita addressed the gathering describing her year in office as “wonderful”. She acknowledged work done by members and what the Club had done to serve the community during her year.  She then handed out fun awards to some members that included a brick, a large wooden spoon and a pane of glass. The brick went to Tony Gordon for taking on the role of treasurer, the wooden spoon to Jane and Rob McLeod for always being in the mix and finally a clear pane of glass was given to the member who passes on news of the Club Fran Pavely! 

New President Chris said that he was looking forward to the forthcoming year. One of the highlights of the day was a superb cake that was made by Lion Sarah Parker. It was made in the shape of a lion that was lying down. It was not only a magnificent work of art but delicious to eat although some members were saddened that the beautiful lion had to be cut up. 

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